Photo Guide

We use the exact photo you supply us with to create your masterpiece. Therefore its very important to follow the below guidelines to ensure your artwork comes out looking as great as the samples we have on the website.

  • Should be in focus, we cant use blurry images.
  • Good lighting is important, preferably use natural lighting, or a well lit room, if the photo is too dark we wont be able to capture your pets features on the art work.
  • The photo should be taken at eye level with your pet. They don't need to be looking at the camera, just off center works really well.
  • Get as close as possible to capture as much detail as you can.
  • Ensure you can see all your pets head in the photo, if there are ears out of frame we wont be able to use it.
  • Don't forget you can upload up to three photos and we can choose the best one!

Majestic Pawtraits photo guide

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What our lovely customers have to say.

141 reviews
Princess Patches

Our Princess Patches Pawrait turned out great! It was very nice quality! Our daughter was thrilled with such a nice surprise! I had some questions when ordering and the Pawtraits gentleman was very helpful, kind and friendly. I would highly recommend this company.

The perfect Gentleman, Jack

Amazing service and great product! A Christmas gift for my partner for a fun surprise. Communication was very professional and I was able to make changes to get the best pawtrait. Very pleased with the finished product.


The portrait is amazing! And my friend was absolutely thrilled to receive it. Plus the customer service is amazing! We had a slight issue with the post and they corrected and upgrade free of charge. Wonderful business all round 👌👌👌

Canine Ego Boost

Jasper the lab was suffering down at the park at the hands of a gang of bigger dogs who picked on him. If he had a nice stick they would take it from him and chew it up. It even got to the point when the word ‘walkies’ would not even get a tail wag.
Since we got the Majestic Pawtrait done and hung on the wall, he is like a new dog. His trots with a purposeful swagger and the other dogs are now reluctant to steal his ball or compete for his kibble. I swear his bark is a little bit deeper and he even has the gang’s bitches coming to see if he will play fetch with them.
I would recommend a Majestic Pawtrait for any dog, whether he is being hounded by other dogs or not.

Amazing quality

I ordered 2x pawtraits for my own dog and one for a friend - the detail and quality is great. Ordered shortly before Christmas and they arrived with plenty of time to spare, good communication as well.